Business Overview

What is G-Power

100 purity glass coating agent that no one can imitate. It is still making advancement 13 years after its initial development.

Residential interior and exterior, hotel plumbing products, store interiors, automobiles, solar panels, up to the smartphone, to say that can be used for everything in the world of no exaggeration.

We succeeded to nanoize the bulletproof glass in 2004, after repeated tests to collect all the data for improvement for seven years, then sales started in 2011. Glass coating construction results in the field of cars alone in China, Hong Kong and Taiwan amounts more than 4 million units.


13 years since first developed
13 years have passed since the first 100% purity glass coating agent was developed in 2004. G-Power will keep advancing from now on.
Developed by the technology of bulletproof glass
Technology was born from the manufacturing process of the bullet-proof glass that cannot be imitated by others
Nano particles (ultrafine particles) pulverizing technology enabled the coating agent to get into scratches and reduced old problem of cracks.
Thin layer
Thickness of layer after one coating is 0.2~0.8 micrometer. Thickness is different between water catalyst and steam catalyst.
Our standard of 3 coatings make 18 layers.Guarantee
Contracted production by a Japanese leading chemical company. Product guaranteed for 1 year and the coating guaranteed for 3 years’ maintenance free.
100% inorganic glass coating agent. Strong against UV and hard to peel off. Recorded results of 8~11 years of maintenance free.
Applicable to almost any non-water absorbing hard surfaces.
No special equipment need for application
G-Power employs water catalyst thus no special equipment is required.
Applicable to all colors
Less likely to be uneven with water catalyst, does not choose the color of the painted surface.
Quick application and long life
Application to middle size car takes about 1 and half hours by two workers. You can return the car to owner in a day.
Low delivery cost
One liter of G-Power can cover 90~100 middle size cars. It is very economical for transportation.
Impact absorbing
Backed up by impact resistance test by Institution of Industrial Engineering of Tokyo in accordance with Dupont test method.
More than 9H pencil hardness
Backed up by scratch pencil hardness test by Tokyo Industrial Research Institute.
Heat resistance and cold resistance
Heat resistance more than 800 ℃ and cold resistance down to minus 54 ℃ backed up by test data by Tokyo Industrial Research Institute.


Brand concept of G-Power

“Protection” “Beautification” “Revitalization”

We carry out coating of G-Power in consideration of environmental Protection” “Beautification” and “Revitalization” as our concept.

One application makes 800 nanometer multi layers of coating. It can be applied to almost every non-water absorbing smooth surfaces without a need for a special equipment. It is an outstanding technology and no other company can imitate.
Unique to G-Power, over-glazing 3 coats, protective layer becomes thicker and it is not only hard but also resilient to shocks to give surface protection.

G-Power coating regains luster and keeps beautiful for long time.

Cleaning and coating of G-Power will regain the brilliance, regenerate and maintain the beauty of the product.


General image of glass coating used to be directly connected to automobile industry. We at G-Power, not bound to such fixed image, would like to put forward proposal of glass coating with a slogan of “Easy coating wherever you like” to Hotels and Restaurants, Hospitals where sanitation is a priority, Solar power generation panels for maintenance of efficiency, Bullet trains, Residents where maintenance of long term cleanness is required, Glasses and Smart phones where surface protection is important, and other industries. We would like to provide sensation to customers through sales of product that provide beauty to their precious possessions.

We believe our coating agent, G-Power is as versatile as to be applicable to almost anything, any parts with higher durability than competitors at reasonable price so that the markets for sales and applications have no limitation of the industrial boundary.

Hyperfine particle of 100% inorganic glass coating agent gets down to base and hardens, chemical reaction with water will make layer of hard glass (SiO2). By covering the paint surface with hydrophilic glass layer, the surface become less likely to collect dust or rain water dirt. Simple water washing can remove the taint. Glass layer without ultraviolet degradation is strong against acid rain and toxic substances, it has a feature of overwhelming durability and weather resistance.