G-power Earth

Message from the President

Message from the President Products that have been developed with all your heart will be sold with great care and will be installed with all your heart.

G-POWER Co., Ltd. will propose improvements to the environment (protection, beautification, regeneration + antibacterial) and disaster prevention (prevention of scattering, anti-slip) through “glass coating” to the shape of the customer. And I want to be successful together with G-POWER sales agents in this vibrant business and be happy together.

We are currently receiving support from many customers for unrivaled high quality and high performance. Because of its versatility in various fields, there are many possibilities for business expansion. Products that have been developed with all your heart will be sold with great care and will be installed with all your heart. This is the business origin of G-POWER.

The mission of the headquarters is to be evaluated as “Satisfied with G-POWER” by customers from member stores.

And the agency said to the headquarters that it was good to meet G-POWER.

Going forward, we will continue to develop this G-POWER nano-level glass coating business, valuing each encounter between the headquarters, distributors, and customers.

Behavioral guidelines

| Customer first

We will always consider our products and services from the customer’s perspective.

| Providing beauty
and excitemen

We are dedicated to making things “beautiful” and pride ourselves on impressing our customers.

| Real solid
materials and technology

We provide genuine “clean” and “environmental improvement” using high-quality materials and technical capabilities.

| Thorough safety and security

We are committed to providing products that are safe, safe and harmless to health.

Company Profile

Trade name

G-POWER Co., Ltd.


Chitomu Kanayama

Head office

Tokyo Metropolitan area Chiyoda-ku Kojimachi 3-1-8 Maison Kojimachi Building 10F

Head office representative telephone number


FAX number


FAX number


Number of officers

15 people


30 million yen

Company establishment date

July 15, 2002

Business purpose

Coating painting construction Wholesale / sales and import / export of coating paints and raw materials Holding workshops / classes and seminars Planning, production, management, consulting Import / export, sale, trade-in, purchase of new and used cars General maintenance, inspection, vehicle inspection, repair and plating of automobiles at partner factories Agency business


Sumitomo Mitsui Banking Kojimachi Branch Rakuten Bank 2nd Sales Branch

General Counsel

Takahiro Tagawa

Corporate history


Began development of an unprecedented glass coating agent using bulletproof glass technology.


The glass coating agent that is the basis of G-POWER was born.


Construction technology acquisition, data acquisition by inspection organization.


Pre-sale starts from China.


Registration of “G-POWER” trademark completed.


Established G-POWER Co., Ltd. to expand sales from Japan to the whole world. Started sales of G-POWER ver7.


Thailand exclusive sales rights contract.


Succeeded in developing G-POWER ver8, the masterpiece “G-POWER65”.


Succeeded in attaching titanium oxide (photocatalyst) to glass coating agent.


Started sales of “G-POWER65”.


Philippines, exclusive sales rights contract.


Introduced regional agency system.


Started sales of “G-POWER-X”.


Succeeded in attaching titanium oxide (photocatalyst) to the glass coating agent for outer walls. India exclusive sales rights contract.


Sales of “G-POWER-PBS” (photocatalyst) started. China exclusive sales rights contract.


Vietnam exclusive sales rights contract.


Korea exclusive sales rights contract. Sales of “G-POWER-PX” (photocatalyst) started.


Hong Kong and Macao exclusive sales rights contract.


Overseas sales in 8 countries, domestic regional distributors 9 companies, approximately 100 distributors, sales are still being expanded.