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About G-POWER Coating

  • What do you guarantee regarding G-POWER glass coating?

    We guarantee quality of solvent for 1 year. To keep proper condition of quality, the solvent must to be stored in a refrigerator or freezer. Regarding the coating construction, our guarantee period is 3 years. We offer free re-construction once every 3 years in that case if the film is peeled off in other than external factors, we will re-construction free of charge only one time.

  • Show us the effective way of coating.

    For example, when applying the bonnet, it is good efficiency and to work Imagine a checkerboard of squares of 20~30cm in my head. Not from by coating the entire vehicle, do the construction in every part Coating → Water catalyst ( 1 set) ] . [ Construction is done all three sets ]

  • I solvent was left over, or you can save the remaining minute?

    Yes, tighten the chitin and the lid vent as much as possible the air, if the stored in a refrigerator, is half a year can be saved. (However syringe will be used up once )

  • What is the period of time to completely cure?

    After the application is the pencil hardness 4H (painting 2~3H). Then the high curing of 9H in about 20 days.

  • G-POWER was attached to the front glass.

    But also construction in glass is possible, drops and stains, dripping , please wipe off immediately .

  • Or maintenance is required? If necessary, how do we do? ?

    Maintenance by hope, there is a one-time pay maintenance in every three years.

  • How do I do if a coating before the car wash does not fall is really dirty?

    Stains of distortion and painted surface of the clear coating by the so-called water spots (water droplets trace) and Torikusogai is we do not improve in the car wash. Polishing of paint (surcharge) is required. However, even if polished thing that has been eroded to the base of the painted surface does not disappear completely.

  • In case of it has been raining during the construction, Is it all right ?

    Rain in the construction in the outdoor has to work stop working. Or should be working to move under the roof. Since the solvent will immediately vitrification Once in contact with the rain, the damage to the paint surface and raise wipe without knowing you enter .

  • Are there any precautions when painting?

    Before the paint first, and then the firm car wash at the G-POWER detergent (Working hand washing car wash troublesome person at the gas station) . Coating if there is oil on the object is peeling. By polishing or diluted IPA alcohol, we recommend degreasing.

    Notes of applying the solvent, once dropped one drop, it has to spread quickly solvent 20 ~ 30cm painted. At that time, only in the application for the towel (paint stick ) , by right-handed or left-handed , it spreads with a feeling that rubbed into the molecule .

    Because of the high volatility, it is quickly point .

    In addition, the application of under the scorching sun is strictly prohibited .

  • How can solvent was left over, I use to somewhere other than the car of the body ?

    Yes, It is a solvent may be painted on the body after the high curing after 20 days of surplus , is may be in the aluminum wheel application . It is also effective in corrosion prevention of acid rain on the window frame Mall of German cars (aluminum material) .
    In addition, plastic other than paint, mall , emblem , door mirror frame , pillar , bumper resin or the like is also valid .
    Interior is also available.

    Kitchen sink in the home (in addition to the surface , further cylindrical part of below the slimy prevention ) , toilet , bathroom , etc. , can be anything glass coated if other than the concrete and cloth – paper .

  • It has become uneven. Is there a workaround?

    Since human beings will paint, anyone but will be uneven , is a non-uniformity in the ” water wipe & Kara wipe ” immediately after the water catalyst is easy to solve .

  • After use, is it possible to car wash in car shampoo ?

    After coating, the 20 days to 30 days the machine car wash is prohibited. Hand wash car wash (shampoo used) is possible. Are Microfiber towels shared use? Re- used by washing microfiber towels is possible, but part of the oil stains are not allowed. It should be noted that the application for the towel (coating bar ) is not re- used .

  • Recoating is it possible of the coating agent?

    Yes, by recoating , increased luster and shine , you will hardly noticeable thin scratches . It should be noted that, if passed 20 to 30 days from the construction , can be further recoating .

  • Is it possible to put the WAX on top of the G-POWER?

    WAX is applied on top of the G-POWER is not prohibited, but so unattractive becomes uneven in reverse with a resin and oil, we do not recommend too much .

  • How can rain the next day, which was constructed gets wet down, Is it okay?

    Third-party products is after construction, but a 24-hour rain prohibition, since the G-Power is to cure the solvent in the water , there is no problem

  • How much is all right at a later car wash after construction?

    Until the complete curing will take about 20 days to 30 days, but hand-wash car wash is possible. However, during which the machine car wash is prohibited.

    In addition, detergents , there is a detergent that contains the compound ( abrasive ) , because it may scrape off a film , please note .


About Price

  • Do you accept credit cards to pay?

    Yes, you can use only VISA / Master / AMEX.

  • Do you have any sales in the mail order?

    Generally sold in mail order is not done.

  • Is it possible but would like to ask cash on delivery?

    The product will be cash on delivery.

  • Convenience store payment and electronic money, or other settlement is possible?

    It will be the only cash or credit card payment.

  • Is it available for purchase in the shop?

    General sale in the shop is not done.

  • Construction fee is how much it is? (All tax not included)

    Estimated vehicle construction fee, will be sized (light / S / M / L / LL).

    (BMW example)
    S: MINI · Z4 · 1 · 2 series · i3
    M: 3 · 4 series
    L: 3GT · 5 sedan · X1
    LL: 5 Touring, 6 Series
    3L: 5GT · 7 Series · X3 · X4 · i8
    SUV: X5 · X6

    【High quality】
    (Example) Porsche dedicated a special coating

  • Payment is possible or by bank transfer or postal money order?

    Payment by bank transfer nor postal order is not done.

  • Receipt could be issued?

    The issue of the receipt is possible.