Customized Coating for Smart Phone use

From the era to put the film on, to the era of coating

(Total beauty care for Smart Phone, and we can make difference.)

(Some survey says, when you see the dirty smart phone, 98 % of respondent feel that the owner will be held with bad impression.)

Always touch & carry around, it is the time now especially stick to the cleanliness of your smartphone!

(Our sales points)

The installation to Smart Phone or Tablet will improve impression when G-Power glass coating is applied on the surfaces.

The advantage of coating will be following;

  1. Hard to become dirty
  2. Hard to be scratched
  3. Easy to remove the dirt
  4. The touch of finger will be smooth
  5. The display will be bright and well-focused
  6. No trouble or stress free from putting the film
  7. It will prevent the expansion of broken glasses, also protect the display. etc.

Our coating material “G-power” is also made you possible to use for glass windows.
In General, window glass is inorganic materials. Once drop the solvent, after 10 seconds, the addictive (Ether) will be dried, and it will be 100% inorganic materials too. Our G-power changed the common sense of inorganic surfaces don’t stick together with our technology, and it made possible stick on surface of smart phone display, or backside of glass window. In addition, the nano-sized coating is impact absorbing and do not crack even when coated on the display touch panel. G-Power coating has the performance that other coating agents have not achieved, it will enable application results and service deployment increased with vast differentiation.

Examples where in Use.
Major cell phone company, Smart Phone repair shop, Touch panel display for ordering in restraint, Bank ATM display, Glass part of copy machine etc.

image image

【Smart phone Display application kit, now on Sale.】
(Change may be made without notice, may be not same as photo)

(Application kit contents)

●Hard Case
●Anti-slip pad
●Spray bottles x 2
●Exclusive Detergent
●Exclusive alcohol
●Solvent (5cc Subdivision tube x 2)
●Exclusive nozzle x 2

Regular Price
(The kit is available at the contracted dealers)

◾The price of kit 35,000yen (Tax Not included)
◾Training session fee 5,000 yen (Tax Not included)

Total cost for the first time 54,000yen
(signature & Stamps will be required for Purchase and sale agreement)

Revenue model plan

Solvent will cover 50 to 70 Smart phone display installations.

The time consuming for installation will be 10 to 15 mins per one smart phone.

Installation fee will be 3000yen(, and we may expect 150,000yen to 210,000yen sales per month.

After the training, 3 Smart Phone practice will be required.
After 3 installations, you may work as professional.

Installation fee guideline (All not including tax)

●Smart Phone Display 3000 yen, appx 10 mins for installation.
●Tablet display: 5000yen, appx 15 mins for installation.
●Glasses for R/L, front/rear 4000yen, appx 4000yen for installation.
●Watch display 3000 yen, appx 10 mins for installation.

(Used at)

Mobile phone shop

Used at the Mobile phone repair company

Used for the car dealer’s marketing tool

Used for communication sales tools for Small and medium-sized enterprises

Used for Communication sales person’s tool

Pan-industry social event

Beauty event

DIY & Home center

Optical Glass shop

Presbyopia glass shop

Youth event organizers