Customer’s review

M who lives in Iruma


A high class car has been used. We are happy to know that “G-POWER” is made in Japan, I spent only my money to be coated “G-POWER”, because the car was bought many years ago, we did not not want to take a lot of money.

The result is that we are very much satisfied, the rest of the G-POWER was coated the other three cars. These cars changed brand new cars. To be honest, we are very surprised.



S lives in Yokohama


I’m very much interested in car coatings, the finish surface. How about this finish surface? Excellent! Just like a brand new. This purple color is remaining.

I’ve never seen that it continued more than one year. I’ve tried many coating past years. Years ago, there were a lot of similar once such as packed in plastic bowls.

G-POWER is packed in a receptacle, nine layers aluminum container Japanese made, not to volatilization. Most of the Japanese ones are re-arranged foreign ones.

It is certificated that one the famous firms are using, continued for a long time, inorganic matter and no effects of ultra violet. 100% glass coating makes bullet proof glass coating, 9H hardness. Maybe it will protect falling stones.



K lives in Tokyo


Hello I’m Mr. K. and I’m a doctor, have my own clinic.

I’ve been interested in the glass coating, I did fluorine coating at the beginning. It seems be all right, however, almost one year passed, there’s no effects. I found out in the internet, which was indicated “glass coating” and bought. My car color is silver, I used washing the car by using washing machine. There’s some washing cuts in my car, these cuts were not be easily seen. More over just one costing makes 9H hardness coating.

I did costing by myself with Mu son and enjoyed a lot. The one can be painted by the other goods, I will try to paint the bath room. Every time when I see my coated car, it makes me smile.




It looks like new car shine has returned.

One of customer  Mr.D live in Kobe,Hyogo.


Hello.  This time I will post because I was impressed by the construction of the G power!

I’m a woman who loves Lamborghini. Runs a boutique in the work, we use the car to move to the office.

Recently, I felt my vehicle lost new car shine.

I have friend who loves cars by himself. He introduced me excellent coating agent which has been released in Japan. I bought from him, and made installation.

When I start, it was skeptical. I have requested help to my friend coating my car. In installation, he was so surprised about the characteristic of this coating. Usually, most of coating should not wet at least 24 hours, but G-power have to blow the mist after the coating. I could not understand and I did not know how to handle these.

The photo shows shining well. The actual car far better and it looks almost new, and completely regain a new car shine. I am pleased after installation by introducing. I can ride a car longer with this care. Car wheel is also shining, and it makes me happier.

I am also planning to buy another and will install into my husband’s Toyota Lexus.
Thank you.




This product will deliver joy to the customer

President of Hinode Motors, Mr. Hayakawa


This is Hayakawa in Hinode Motors. My first met Porsche was 914

When I came back from High School, unusual one flat car was parked in front of my home.

My father used to repair Japanese car at that time. And, he suddenly declared “we will be professional repairer of Porsche.”

Since then, he starts searching the charm of Porsche which customer going to mad, his first approach was to be an owner of this car.

Since live with these cars, it is already have past 50 years. It is hard to preserve the condition of original paint of Porsche, even the German car as become outdated. One solution was to use imported wax from oversea. Nowadays, various coating materials are available. Honestly, I never saw that more than a year coating has sustained ….

I have tried this G-power for an old Porsche, and quite surprised about the result. It was obvious at second installation, because of nano sized bulletproof glass get into the body paint, and refreshed the shine with glossed color were revived.

I believe, this will make customer happy. – I would appreciate their favor in the future.



Psycho Doctor (Asashin-group Chairman)
Dr. Takashi Kuroiwa


I love Porsche for years. I have many opportunities to travel around Japan, and I use them for the safety purpose.

Various type of Porsche is now in Market, and I love and choose Air-cooled engine Porsche.

Especially, Type 993 has attracted design and performance, etc. My Porsche is a very important car, but we are troubled with respect to paint from previous. However, color is not like a new car I have faded gradually.

I have tried Fluorine-based coating few years ago. Under the influence of ultraviolet light, there is a feeling that peeled off from a few months in a year position, were not satisfied.

I also had interest to glass coating, but it is high price, and effect was also dubious. At the same time, I heard the story of G-power which is “the bulletproof glass which successful made into Nano size”, and I made installation.

Motivation for going to the construction is that the bulletproof glass was made into a nano-size! What surprised me was that the unit is the size of the one millionth of 1mm. This means that the solvent spreads to every corner of the painting, is that protection can be expected. Moreover, it is that hardness of 9H. The fact that the film of 100% glass is hard enough, or will do what effect is against stepping stone on the highway?

Anyway increased gloss of paint after the construction, and we are very pleased with. Previous red revived. Move at work is now even more fun. Thank you.!

Can proceed with confidence to friends, it is a real coating agent.



My wife is also excited, and hope our driving will be much enjoyable.

Writer: Katsuhiko Shimaji


My beloved vehicle is BMW. My first one was Toyota Celica, and since then I have been loved BMW for decades. Also, I purchased from same sales person, this is one of my rule ,and keep good communication with beloved mankind.

Suddenly, I received call from this sales person who retired few years ago. And he asked me “There is extraordinary coating exist, and why do not you try this? “. Their sales point was made success bulletproof glass into Nano size with 10 years’ R&D. I usually use gas stations car washing machine; even my friends introduce to use coating things, but I did not try at that time.

Somehow I did not feel strong curiosity; and I thought the quality of waxing & washing at gas station is enough to for myself.

His words pushed me little, and I have tried to coat my car. Moreover, this time, we coated glass instead of wax. Usually, New car’s coating will be peeled off within year. Had been hesitant to invest tens of thousands of yen in 1 year; if the installation of this G power three times, during three years I hear coating is sustained! Moreover, one installation makes 6 lays of glass coat; 3 operations will make 18 lays of coatings, and I could understand easily in logic.

Spend about 2 hours, after car washing at gas station, I arranged installation at parking at my house. Gradually, it starts shining and looked shiny. This product is genuine made in Japan, and made with high-technology in the category of minorities of 100% glass coating.
My wife also pleased, and I hope our driving will be more enjoyable.

I want to thank to retired sales person; He introduced “G-Power” and professionals made installation for me.
Most of my friends loves vintage car, and I intend to go to show off to them.



We are planning to sell & apply this extraordinary coating material to Isuzu’s Vintage cars

Chairman of ISZUZU SPORTS  Horoyuki Okane


ISUZU SPORTS are only one dealer specialize ISUZU’s vintage car sales,purchase & restoring in Japan, and I am chairman of the company. We provide original and professional mechanics with passion, and do ideal restore service for valued customers. We sell and buy vintage cars all over the Japan.

We have been looking for an ideal glass coating resin which suite for vintage cars’ paint.
We have tried to use Fosso coating, but it was unstable. Also, we have tried to use the other glass coating, however it was expensive and was not good quality. One day, we found this “G-power” and made interest for catch copies which are “Bulletproof glass which is nano-sized with a solvent/ 100% glass coat / Hardness 9H/ 18 glass layer”. Without doubt, I ordered installation to our vintage ISUZU.

The result was good to outstanding. From my experience, most surprising things were able to coat for everything. For example, this material can be used for not only body, but also Resin bumper, Interior and especially dashboard.

Needless to say, most of these old Car’s parts are difficult or may not possible to re-produce, again. Therefore, if we can make conservation and coating these parts, the demand will be a lot.

We are now planning to sell to our customer who own this vintage car’s and have same problems. Thank you for let us know about “G-Power”.