Message from the President

CEO Chitomu Kanayama

G-Power Co., Ltd. would like to put forward a proposal for environmental improvement (protection, beatification and regeneration) through glass coating to precious objects of customers.

Together with the sales member companies, we would like to achieve happy success in this vigorous business environment.

Equaled by none, we have realized high quality and high performance to gain customers’ support. Our glass coating is versatile to various applications and there are abundant opportunities for business expansion.

Take great care in development of product, sales of product and application of product.

This is the starting point of G-Power business.

Mission of G-Power headquarter is to bring appreciation by customers to sales member companies that “we are happy and satisfied with G-Power” and from sales member companies to headquarter that “we are happy to have met G-Power”

We would like to value one and every meeting of sales member companies and customers to further develop G-Power glass coating business.


Business principle, course of action

Customer first

We provide products and services from the customers point of view.


We provide sensation and beauty

We devote ourselves to make things beautiful and we are proud to carry out business to bring sensation to customers.


Assured material and technological excellence of real stuff.

We put forward a proposal for environmental improvement and real beauty with high quality product and technological excellence.


Thorough safety and security

We will undertake the task with all possible measures of system in the provision of safe and secure harmless product to health.