Customized Coating for automobile use

Shine will be restored, such as a new car

Since “G-power” was release to the market, first big demand was automobile coating market. Thousands of demands came from China, and we already coated more than 40,000 automobiles in total. For automobile coating in domestic and overseas countries, we have many customer, and they say the name “G-power” is representing “High spec coating”.

When we describe the character of G-power in short, it is “Luster sustainability”.
Not only outside but also inside of the car can be applied. It is the first innovated coating technology made possible to use for all variable needs required.
Most of our competitor uses imported organic coating agent supplied under OEM. The Contents of ingredients (additives) will be destroyed by Ultraviolet rays within 3 to 12 months and easy to peel off like fish scales.
However, our products’ solvent is made with inorganic coating agent like glass window which made in major chemical factory under Japanese developer. Glass coating will last for several years in a complete state with no maintenance.
In optional way for extent the use of our coating, when you use the adhesive which made with Novel prize technology, it also can be used for house interior decoration, glass windows, rubber, resin, aluminum etc.
Our skilled sales person has long experience in car dealing, and we can give lecture and instruct technic from beginner to Professionals.

(Testimonial from professional car dealer)
(Example 1)
The voices from car exporting company which handles 200 cars per month told us this G-power is obviously different from other glass coating agent they experienced before., and it push up the value of used cars thanks to “Protection, beautification & revitalization”, thus improved customers’ satisfaction for car conditions both outside and inside.

(Example 2)
Until recently, most major car dealer (New & used cars) did not make any glass coating for dark-blue, navy and black colored car due to possible stains after the application. However, G-power has no trouble with any colors, and now apply to all the cars customer requested.
There is training cause to master application for non-experienced staff, it will be easy to create and start new car application business.