Special coating agent for Hotel use.

In order to provide the best time to all of the customers who stayed in the hotel.

The role of G-Power in hotel
The most hotels have unavoidable common problem of “Aging of bath and wet area equipment”.

This is because of the nature of plastic that aging by hydrolysis is unavoidable. Hydrolysis progresses with air moisture even the bath room is not in use.
The technology of surface protecting materials are developing day by day but G-power glass coating is unrivaled and gives the best possible protection to avoid aging of plastics.

The advantages of application to plastic bath and wet area equipment with G-power are as follows;

  1. Delaying the progress of Hydrolysis, and hard glass coated surface is strong against scratches.
  2. Easy to keep clean conditions.
  3. Shorten the cleaning time, reduce the number of schedule, and deducting maintenance cost.
  4. The taint of bath tabs which had to be cleaned by strong Chlorine-based and strong acidic detergent. They are no longer required.
  5. The surface treatment by G-Power glass coating improves drain and speedy drain doesn’t give time water to stain.


In our test result, G-power application reduced bath and wet area equipment renovation or repair cost down to 1/5 to 1/10.