Customized Coating for House use.

Protect the “important places for family relaxation”

The house is “an important place for family relaxation”.
Can you stand for or live with dirty space?
How do you like if you can shorten your time spending on house cleaning?
We would like to introduce you our new “G-power special coating for house”.
We provide the various type of service to assist your DIY solutions at your house.
What we mean by DIY?

  1. You purchase G-Power glass coating agent and carry out application by yourself. (basically once a year)


We put forward proposal for clean & comfortable living space for you.


Example of application

Prevention of stain sticking to the Toilet bowl. Simplify the cleaning.

【Around Kitchen 】
Preventing the blood stain from meat and fish to cutting board and make cleaning easier in the kitchen.
Cooking stoves, range hood will be easy to clean to simplify your cleaning work.

【Washroom & Bath room】
Keep the gloss of mirror and washroom to simplify your cleaning. G-Power glass coating lessens water stains and the occurrence of mold.

【floor, door & wall】
Scratch made by moving furniture, kid’s toy and pet will be protected, and simplify cleaning and shorten time.
Keep new feeling of interior doors, and maintain the clean state for long time.
(Some of materials like cloth and alike does not fit to coating.

Glass table, surface of hunger closet, surface of closet, Siding board, etc.
To protect your valuable furniture, it is possible to maintain the clean state for long time.

* G-Power glass coating does not completely protect from damage of dirt. We do not guaranty for dirt or scratches. Please clean periodically.(We also supply Exclusive detergent)