Customized Coating for Shops and stores

“Protection” “Beautification” “Revitalization”

We carry out coating of G-Power in consideration of environmental Protection” “Beautification” and “Revitalization” as our concept.

One application makes 800 nanometer multi layers of coating. It can be applied to almost every non-water absorbing smooth surfaces other than paper, cloth and alike. It is an outstanding technology and no other company can imitate. Unique to G-Power, over-glazing 3 coats, protective layer becomes thicker and it is not only hard but also resilient to shocks to give surface protection.

G-Power coating regains luster and keeps beautiful for long time.

Cleaning and coating of G-Power will regain the brilliance, regenerate and maintain the beauty of the product.
Customized Coating for Shops and stores
The products are already used in major convenience stores since 2013, and application once a year contributes to shoppers’ comfort and make cleaning easier for shopkeepers. Also, leading francized Coffee shops, leading fashion shops, major supermarket are targeted and planning regular users.

Application of G-power is easy enough with a little training and the advantage of this super coating last far longer than other coating products.


Example of application (toilet)

  1. Clean up Toilet bowl with the exclusive detergent for “G-power”. (powder with water)
  2. Pump out water from Toilet bowl.
  3. By using dryer, completely dry Toilet bowl.
  4. Drop 1 to 2 drips of G-power glass coating agent to the toilet bowl and spread to 20-30 cm2 with imprinting motion.
  5. By use of steamer, the surface coating will vitrificates at once. Otherwise, use water spray.
  6. Wipe up small drops of water with micro-fiber towel.
  7. Repeat this procedure 3 times and finally wipe up with clean micro-fiber towel.

Same procedure can be applied to other facilities.