Customized Coating for Solar panel use

(Only one technology from Japan with 13years improvement & development)

By the effects of Ultraviolet rays, it didn’t suite to use for Solar panel which were made with glass fiber and mixed addictive compound materials.
However, our G-power is not receiving any effect from Ultraviolet rays, because it is made of 100% inorganic materials.
Components and moisture in the air by a chemical reaction, form a complete glass(SiO2) coating layer that does not contain any organic matter.
There are two different blended coating agents (based on G-Power) now available for Solar Panels.


G-Power-s (For solar panel protection use)

  1. This is glass coating agent has impact-absorbing, resilient function.
    It also helps to lessen the degradation from the natural disaster.
    With once in 10 years’ application, you can protect the panel by the coating.
  2. Excellent hydrophilic characteristics of G-Power glass coating, dirt and dust will be washed away with rainfall to keep the self-cleaning.
    This application of coating will make solar panels easy to clean, and Exclusive cleaning agent is also available.
    With the power of enzyme will clean wash up with little water, and will not damage the Panels.
  3. Prevents nano size scratches of the solar panel surface, and will modify the light from leaking outside by diffused reflection.


G-Power-z (For the purpose for more efficient power generation)

  1. This coating agent is designed for correcting defuse reflection of light, this will improve about 3% of light intake lost by defused reflection.
    The extra light captured is transferred to extra power generation.


G-Power-S+Z application in Itoman-shi, Okinawa

  1. Before cleaning solar panels

  2. After cleaning solar panels by using exclusive detergent

  3. 3 times construction of G-POWER-S (pm 19:02 in 3rd September 2014)
    G-POWER coating has constructed on the generator No.3, consists of 21 solar panels. In order to compare electricity generation, any coating has not constructed on the generators No.1 and No.2.

  4. Construction of G-POWER-Z and the final polishing (pm 18:20 4rd September 2014)
    Pointing with ③ in red circle indicates the generator No.3 in the picture below.

  5. The result of each power generators (Counted after sunset 18:27)

  6. 7 mins after application, only the generator No.3 generate the electricity. (showing 4 while other two are 0) As the comparative application proves, G-Power-S+Z construction shows superior electricity generation.


The result of power generation amount of each instrument. (Counted after sunset 18:27)
7 mins after application, only No.3 Generator with G-Power-S+Z treatment generate the electricity. (showing 4 while other two are 0)