Exclusive coating for Japanese Lacquerware

“Japanese Lacquer” and role of “G-power”

The history of “Japanese Lacquer” dates back more than 9000 years. (Since post-Jōmon period (3rd to 7th century BC, mainly Hokkaido.) It is the history of Non-petroleum-based resins.

After the period of 1945, the consumer market was filled with Petroleum-based materials which are hard, thin, light & strong to shock. And gradually the appearance and advantage of Lacquerware are getting minor in our modern life.

Therefore, we made corroboration of traditional “Lacquerware” and “G-Power”. Advantage of Glass coating surface protect the “Shine”, “Color fade” and “Rush”. After the treatment, the historical Lacquerwares are revitalized to our modern world and traditional Japanese “Elegance” is now re-evaluated.

This in not just a cultural protection of traditional crafts. We made new start with collaborating tradition & new technology, and just began to create new functional materials with traditional values.