Special coating for watch/eye glasses

Coating for the eye glasses.

Today, 60% of Japanese population is wearing eye glasses.
The problems of these people are following;

・the dirt of lens, especially to clean up dirt of sebum.
・It seems difficult to see than when it was new.
・Cracking of the lens is a concern if fallen down
・The deterioration of the frame and patterns by Hair styling products

G-power Special coating for glass will be the solution for your problem above.
Application for eye glasses have following advantages, and we hear highly recommended voices from end users and Corporate customers.

  1. Less collecting dirt and easy to clean if became dirty.
  2. Increasing clearness, and sight will be bright.
  3. Increased luster, cleanliness and improved impression.
  4. Harder to break if you drop eye glasses.
  5. Prevent the deterioration of the frame. Etc.


Coating for Watches

It made you annoying the dirt and scratches on surface of watches. There is no way to protect the watch professionally, even you want to use for a long time because of memories or the value of the product. However, “G-power special coating” will solve the problem of your annoyance.
 Under concept “Protection, beautification and revitalization”, G-power made it possible to make more value of the watch if it is new or classics. Also, depending on the requests from collectors, G-Power can be applied to the cases.